An Interview with the Usos

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Jimmy Uso and his twin brother, Jey, are proud to continue the tradition of WWE superstars from their Samoan family.

The sons of former WWE superstar Rikishi worked their way through Florida Championship Wrestling before getting called to the Raw roster last year. FCW, based in Tampa, is the training ground for future WWE superstars and divas.

Jimmy was inspired by this father to break into what has become the family trade.

"When I told my dad, he said, ‘You’re a man, and you can do what you want in your life, but I don’t want you to. Your mother doesn’t want you to,’" Jimmy remembered. "He was always about school and sports, and I was, too. It kind of gravitated toward this. I’m glad I am in the business. I’m enjoying myself. It’s the most fun I ever had.

"The best advice my dad gave me was to have fun. He told us, ‘If you don’t enjoy what you are doing, then don’t do it.’ I’m having a blast. I’m Blessed."

The Usos were initially managed by Tamina, daughter of Jimmy Superfly Snuka. The trio worked with fellow second generation and third generation performers The Hart Dynasty, as well as Vladimir Kozlov and Santino Marella.

To add a twist, Tamina began walking Marella to the ring.

Jimmy feels he and his brother still have more to offer as a tag team.

"We always wanted to become a tag team," Jimmy said. "If an opportunity presents itself, I can see us going into singles. As for now, I think we are going to be tagging."

Although the Usos look alike, Jimmy believes they standout in their own way and have different personality traits.

"I think my brother is a little hotheaded," Jimmy said. "He has more of a temper problem. I am more laid back. He is like the firecracker, and I’m more of the chilled out one."

Jimmy hopes he and his brother get more opportunities to shine. He believes there are fans craving for tag team competition.

"I think the tag team division could be a little stronger, and I hope [WWE] can make it stronger," Jimmy said. "I don’t see me and my brother being broken up because I think we are the realest tag team out there as brothers."

Jimmy is proud to be following in the footsteps of family members who paved the way for him and Jey. He continues to be motivated by the example they have set.

"Just seeing my dad on TV, that alone, sparked something in me to do something with myself," Jimmy said. "To see him be so successful told me to make something of myself in whatever it was. I’m glad it’s in sports entertainment."

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